Case Results


Obtained a 450k settlement for three female employees sexually harassed by their co-workers in a retail company.   


Obtained a 150K settlement for  a female employee sexually harassed by her  Supervisor Sexual harassment within a small publication company.


Secured a 400K settlement for a female employee sexually harassed by her Supervisor Sexual harassment within a large medical supply company.


Negotiated a 80K settlement for a female employee sexually harassed by her manager in a retail company.

Stamile v. City of New York

A Grievance Officer employed at the Nassau County Jail repeatedly molests and sexually assaults women under in his supervision. The story of his arrest and prosecution receives extensive coverage in the local news.


A brilliant young molecular biologist with no prior criminal history is suddenly accused of raping and torturing an undergraduate student at Barnard College. The arrest sets off a media firestorm, resulting in a deluge of highly inflammatory and grossly prejudicial media coverage. All charges against Dr. Jovanovic are eventually dismissed, but not until after he has served 20 months in jail and had his reputation severely damaged.


Verdict in Morse v. Spitzer,, 07 Civ. 4793 (CBA)(RML)


Verdict in Guzman v. City of New York,, 10 Civ. 6353 (ALC)(JCF).


Verdict in Williams v. New York City Transit, (Sup. Ct. New York Cty., 11792-04)


Verdict in Lema,, v. New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens, (Sup. Ct. Queens Cty., 20568-08)


Settlement In Dominguez v. Moskowitz, M.D., et al., (Sup Ct. New York Cty.)


Settlement in Carvalho v. MonteFiore Medical Center,


Settlement in Zambrano v. Sound Shore Medical Center,, (Sup. Ct. Westchester Cty.)

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