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Manager-employee harassment is a common setup for harassment cases in New York City, as managers may abuse their power to take advantage of employees. Often, the victims are too afraid of retaliation to speak up because most believe their managers will fire or demote them. However, the law protects employees from negative consequences when they report supervisor harassment or misconduct and work with a New York City manager harassment lawyer.

If you have been harassed by a manager, you do not need to suffer in silence. Speaking up may prevent someone else from falling victim to the same illegal behaviors. The skilled and compassionate workplace harassment attorneys at Joseph & Norinsberg LLC have been protecting the rights of NYC workers collectively for over 75 years. We will ensure that you fully understand your rights and options before moving forward with any type of legal strategy. Contact an NYC manager harassment lawyer today.

What is Manager Harassment in an NYC workplace?

Employees have heard of sexual harassment in the workplace, but this isn’t the only type of harassment that’s against the law. Harassment is any type of unwelcome, offensive conduct, including words (verbal abuse), actions, gestures, and visuals. It can include graphic images posted somewhere or verbally berating an employee based on age. For the law to view conduct as harassment, it has to be so severe that it affects the victim’s employment.

There are different types of harassment one might experience in the workplace based on protected characteristics such as sex, national origin, disability, age, and race. This includes sexual harassment as well as verbal, physical, and even mental harassment. If a manager teases an employee about a disability, for example, this is a form of harassment. Anti-discrimination laws such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the NYC Human Rights Law make any form of harassment against individuals in the workplace illegal.

Manager-employee harassment can be obvious, such as unwanted touching or grabbing, or more discreet. It can happen publicly, in front of others in the workplace, or in private between two people. Manager-employee harassment can take many forms.

What To Do If You Are Experiencing Harassment From Your Boss

If you are being harassed by your boss, having solid evidence to substantiate your claim is critical to a favorable outcome. Hard evidence is ideal but not always possible. Take detailed notes about harassing behaviors; include the date and time, and the names of any witnesses. Physical evidence, such as emails, voice messages, or sexually inappropriate images should be kept or photographed. You should also familiarize yourself with the company’s policy on harassment, including the process for reporting it.

Contact an NYC manager harassment attorney as soon as possible; having an experienced and compassionate advocate by your side can help you build a successful case against your boss while simultaneously ensuring that your emotional well-being is considered and protected.

Manager Harassment Examples

Typically, in New York City, supervisor harassment comes from a manager abusing his or her power. A manager may believe his or her high position in the workplace allows misconduct or harassment behaviors without consequences. The manager may threaten demotion or job termination if an employee doesn’t comply with sexual favors or promise a promotion or raise in exchange.

But how do you know if your manager’s actions rise to the level of harassment?

Some common examples of manager harassment include:

Typically, in New York City, supervisor harassment comes from a manager abusing his or her power. A manager may believe his or her high position in the workplace allows misconduct or harassment behaviors without consequences. The manager may threaten demotion or job termination if an employee doesn’t comply with sexual favors or promise a promotion or raise in exchange. Many employees don’t realize that harassment doesn’t have to be sexual to report it to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. You should report any conduct that makes your work environment hostile or threatening. If the behaviors are making you uncomfortable, likely, you are not the only one. By speaking up, you are not only protecting yourself, but anyone else who may be, have been, or will become a victim of the manager’s cruel or inappropriate actions. An experienced employment discrimination attorney can help you determine how to proceed.

Damages And Compensation For Supervisor Harassment Claims

Harassment in the workplace is often more mentally and emotionally damaging to employees than physically damaging. Victims can suffer severe anxiety, depression, withdrawal, and post-traumatic stress disorder. If you’ve suffered any kind of supervisor-employee harassment in the New York City workplace, you deserve compensation for your physical and/or emotional damages. When you report a New York City harassment claim against a manager in court and win, you’re entitled to recovery for tangible and intangible damages like:

  • Mental and emotional pain and suffering
  • Workers’ compensation benefits for physical damages
  • Unemployment damages
  • Back pay if you missed a raise due to harassment
  • Payment for attorney fees

When a supervisor is the harasser, he or she is usually subject to “tangible employment action,” meaning the courts will hold the entire company liable. Companies are responsible for the actions of managers while performing within a job’s capacity. To receive the best settlement for your harassment case, hire a skilled and experienced New York City supervisor harassment lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact of manager harassment in the workplace?

Workplace harassment can have devastating effects on the victim, but it can also impact the work environment for those who aren’t being directly harassed. For the victim, the impact may include emotional harm, such as depression and anxiety, and even physical health issues, including weight loss, insomnia, and headaches. Harassment can also have career and financial implications for the victim.

Absolutely. Workplace harassment is not only cruel, it is illegal. In addition to being fired, a manager can also be sued for workplace harassment. In some cases, if the harassment rises to the level of a crime, the manager may even face criminal penalties.

Your Dedicated New York City Manager Harassment Lawyers

If you are a victim of manager harassment, the skilled legal team at Joseph & Norinsberg LLC can help. Our compassionate, knowledgeable attorneys have the experience you need to receive the settlement you deserve. Although we always strive to obtain a pre-trial settlement, we are prepared to fight tirelessly for you in court if one is not offered.

Our New York City harassment lawyers have an in-depth understanding of manager-employee harassment laws at the state and federal level. We will review the details of your case, gather relevant evidence to substantiate your claim, and position you for the best possible outcome. Do not attempt to go through this stressful, emotional process without an experienced harassment attorney by your side. Contact us today at 212-227-5700 for a free and confidential consultation about your case.

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