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We are an employment law firm that protects the fundamental right of every worker to receive fair pay and equal treatment in a safe, hospitable environment free of discrimination. Our clients often come to us after having their rights trampled on because they were afraid of losing their jobs if they fought back.

About the Joseph & Norinsberg Employment Law Firm

We were founded in 2015 by Bennitta Joseph and Jon Norinsberg. Since then, we have added nine attorneys, three paralegals, and five support staff members. All our attorneys share our passion for standing up to employers of all sizes on behalf of the little guy. We are dedicated to giving a voice to mistreated workers and fearlessly taking on companies of all sizes.

We fight for workers’ rights in New York City, Northern New Jersey, and Boston. Our office is located at 110 East 59th Street, Suite 2300, in midtown Manhattan. If you cannot get to our office, our dedicated attorneys can come to you.

You may feel like you can’t win against a large, established employer, but everything changes when you have our award-winning employment attorneys on your side.

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Our Experience in Employment Law

Our attorneys have over 75 years of collective experience fighting for workers in state and federal courts. Our relentless representation has helped workers get justice for sexual harassment, unfair wages, and employment discrimination.

Bennitta Joseph



Bennitta Joseph honed her trial skills early in her career as a prosecutor in the New York District Attorney’s office, then dedicated herself to employment law. She has over 17 years of experience helping clients win millions in compensation from employers who subjected them to sexual harassment, hostile work environments, wrongful termination, underpaid wages, and all forms of discrimination.



Jon Norinsberg spent his early career as a commercial litigation attorney and then as a litigation lawyer for the City of New York. He switched to private practice because he preferred representing everyday people. He is an accomplished trial lawyer with a 25-year track record of success as a top civil rights litigator in New York City. He is known for his toughness in court, yet his clients always feel comfortable with him because of his big heart and down-to-earth personality. He has personally handled more than 200 employment discrimination cases.

Jon L. Norinsberg

Why Choose Joseph & Norinsberg for your Case




Why Choose Joseph & Norinsberg for your Case

We have won over 90 percent of our cases, and our success is no accident. As accomplished trial lawyers, we know the secret of success isn’t courtroom “showmanship” but meticulous preparation and hard work behind the scenes.

No employer has a right to subject you to sexual harassment or discrimination. You shouldn’t have to spend most of each day in a hostile environment to make a living. You don’t have to suffer in silence. Here is how you know we can help:

Our Hard Work Pays Off for Our Clients

When you’ve been cheated out of wages, sexually harassed, or discriminated against at work, you deserve substantial compensation, and we won’t settle for less. Below are a few examples of our recent civil rights case results:

Our Peers in the Legal Community Recognize our Achievements

The results we get for clients are our biggest accomplishments, and the legal community has recognized our outstanding results on the state and national levels. Our dedicated employment lawyers have received the following prestigious honors, which are only awarded to the highest-achieving attorneys:

Our Clients Have Given Us a Five-Star Rating

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Our clients benefit from our hard work, and it means everything to us when they write to us and tell us how much of a difference we made in their lives. Below are a few examples of the types of client feedback we regularly receive:

Cases We Handle

If your employer has treated you unfairly in any way, our compassionate and skilled employment lawyers are on your side. Our practice areas include the following:

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Joseph & Norinsberg in the Media

We don’t do what we do for recognition. We do it because the right to fair and equitable treatment in the workplace is a basic human right that we are passionate about. However, media outlets often showcase our attorneys, cases, and results. We have been featured on the front page of the New York Law Journal and are regularly invited to provide commentary for national publications such as USA Today, the Boston Globe, and more.

Nation’s Restaurant News featured a case senior partner Bennitta Joseph handled on behalf of a black worker who endured racial slurs and was subjected to racist jokes while working at Del Toro. When she reported the abuse, her manager dismissed it as slang and refused to remedy it. Our client was forced to leave her employment to escape the hostile work environment. 

Bennitta Joseph
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Ms. Joseph said: 
“Too often, employees withstand offensive workplace behavior, especially when seemingly endorsed by senior leaders whose authority shapes the behavior of the rest of the staff.” 

Ms. Joseph also authored a story about the case for the Boston Globe. She stated,
“For justice to prevail, those who fuel a psychologically unsafe work environment must be held accountable with tangible consequences, including total remuneration and creating a permanent record to track these actions.”

Our case against Sapphire Gentleman’s Club was featured on the other side of the country in Las Vegas on KTNV News. Sapphire Gentleman’s Club is a New York employer with branches throughout the country, including Las Vegas. Our clients worked as dancers at the clubs. 

Bennitta Joseph
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Bennitta Joseph elaborated on the nature of the retaliation: 

Dancers were also subjected to retaliation that resulted in lost wages and harassment for not complying with these demands, adding to the physical and verbal abuse suffered while employed at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club.

Jon L. Norinsberg
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According to attorney Jon Norinsberg: 

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, its owners, and hosts were all part of a prostitution and kickback scheme to coerce dancers into sexual acts with patrons or face retaliation for not complying with the requests.

We Are Here for You

You deserve a safe, hospitable workplace, regardless of your race, color, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, body size, and other characteristics. And you deserve a fair wage for the work you do. We’re here to protect your rights and hold your employer accountable for discriminating against you, allowing you to endure sexual harassment, or cheating you out of your rightful wages. 

If you suspect your employer has violated your rights, call us immediately. We have a proven track record of going up against large employers. We know what it takes to protect your livelihood and make your employer pay for violating your rights. Don’t let your employer get away with it for another day.


or contact us online to talk to one of our knowledgeable and empathetic employment attorneys today.

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