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Unfair treatment in the workplace threatens your livelihood and robs you of your dignity. You have a right to pursue financial damages for your monetary losses, mental anguish, and humiliation from an employer who violates your rights. We are highly skilled, tenacious employment lawyers in NYC with a relentless work ethic, exceptional trial skills, and empathy for each and every client.

You don’t have to suffer for even one more day. We have over 75+ years of experience and a 90 percent success rate for helping clients recover significant financial compensation for workplace discrimination and maltreatment. You can count on us to listen to your story, investigate your employer’s actions, and fight for you in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Long Island.

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New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world, bringing together people of every race, religion, and way of life. Every person in New York deserves fair treatment in the workplace. The law requires it. We have extensive knowledge of the constantly evolving area of employment law and a deep understanding of how it impacts employees and job applicants.

  • Wrongful Termination
  • Workplace Retaliation
  • Hostile Work Environment
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Employment Discrimination 

The NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection enforces workplace laws in the city. Whether you are a job applicant or an employee, you are entitled to equal treatment in a safe, hospitable work environment that is free of discrimination, regardless of the following:

  • Age
  • Immigration status
  • History of arrests or convictions
  • Caregiver status
  • Credit history
  • Race, color, or national origin
  • Disability
  • Religion
  • Creed
  • Gender or gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Unemployment status
  • Domestic violence victim status
  • Military status
  • Pregnancy
  • Marital or family status

Employers discriminate when they base decisions on any of these protected statuses while hiring, rewarding, penalizing, or firing employees. Being turned down for a job or missing out on a promotion because of who you are is demoralizing, and you do not have to stand for it. We’re ready to stand up for you and fight for justice.

In 2023, the New York City Commission on Human Rights also banned workplace discrimination on the basis of body size, including height and weight. Contact our office today to speak to a weight discrimination lawyer for free if you have been passed over for a job or promotion, demoted, or terminated because of your body size.

Workplace Harassment and Gender-Based Discrimination

The NYC Human Rights Law defines sexual harassment as “unwelcome verbal or physical behavior based on a person’s gender.” It is gender-based discrimination based on biological sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. 

Workplace sexual harassment occurs in two forms:

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment – when someone in a position of power requires sexual favors in exchange for a job-related benefit
  • Hostile work environment  – an uncomfortable working situation due to unwelcome conduct, even if it occurs off-site or is directed at someone other than the person complaining

Sexual harassment can affect any gender, but it most commonly affects women and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Many victims put up with sexual harassment in the workplace because they are unaware it is unlawful. Some feel responsible or ashamed for allowing it to happen.

You always have a right to say no!

You always have a right to say no to conduct that makes you uncomfortable at work, regardless of your previous interactions with the perpetrator. Our New York City gender discrimination lawyers can help you report sexual harassment and pursue damages if you experienced any form of sexual harassment, such as the following:

  • Obscene gestures
  • Same-sex harassment
  • Sexual comments at work
  • LGBTQ employment discrimination
  • Unwelcome touching at work
  • Pregnancy discrimination

Wage and Hour Claims

Our wage and hour claim lawyers in NYC help workers whose employers cheated them out of a fair wage. Spanish-speaking workers and women are disproportionately underpaid for their work.

Every New Yorker has a right to receive a fair wage in exchange for work. As of January 1, 2024, the minimum wage in NYC is $16 per hour. This will increase to $16.50 in 2025 and $17 in 2026. The minimum wage applies to workers in all fields, including nail salons, fast food restaurants, and domestic workers. If you work more than 40 hours during a week, your employer must pay you at least 1.5 times your regular wage, with limited exceptions.

Our wage, labor, and unpaid overtime lawyers can help you receive back pay for every hour you worked for which you did not receive fair compensation.



We are the Leading Full-Service Employment Law Firm in NYC

You may be eligible for damages for any mistreatment at work, even if it doesn’t fit neatly into a category.

Were you verbally abused at work? Verbal abuse creates a hostile work environment in violation of New York employment laws. You may be eligible for compensation if you endured verbal abuse or manager harassment.

New York is an at-will employment state, which means your employer can fire you without a good reason. However, our NYC wrongful termination lawyers can help if your employer fires you for an unlawful reason. Employers cannot terminate employment for discriminatory reasons or as retaliation for the following:

  • Reporting harassment or discrimination
  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim
  • Blowing the whistle on your employer

Our full-serve NYC employment law firm is here to advocate for you in all types of workplace disputes. Were you laid off from a job that had promised severance pay? Our New York severance lawyers can help. 

Even if you’re a freelancer who works on a contract basis, our New York Freelancer Lawyers have you covered. New York Law protects freelancers from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers.

Our NYC Employee Rights Attorneys Can Protect You from Retaliation

Many workers refuse to report discrimination for fear of being penalized or fired. We understand this fear because losing your job can cause a financial emergency. Some employers even blacklist you, blocking you from alternate employment. If you are an undocumented immigrant, an employer may threaten to report you to ICE. 

These frightening scenarios give employers an upper hand. Fortunately, New York has strict anti-retaliation laws, and our devoted New York employment lawyers can even out the power dynamic. We can protect you from illegal retaliation and recover significant damages from employers who retaliate.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our attorneys if you have experienced unfair treatment at work. Our New York City retaliation lawyers can pursue additional compensation on your behalf against employers who violate the retaliation laws.

Why Choose Joseph & Norinsberg Employment Law




Why Choose Joseph & Norinsberg Employment Law

We have over 75 years of collective experience protecting and fighting for workers’ rights. We have handled hundreds of complex worker maltreatment cases and know what it takes to prevail against bad employers. We aren’t intimidated by large companies and put our heart and soul into every case. When other law firms are at the end of their rope, we tie a knot and keep fighting to get you justice. 

We understand how hard it is to come to terms with discriminatory treatment, sexual harassment, and unfair wages. Our compassionate NYC employment lawyers are ready to listen to your story with empathy and understanding. What happened to you at work is not your fault, and we will help you regain your power while we fight aggressively for justice.

We take employment law cases seriously. We win not through showmanship in the courtroom but through hard work, meticulous investigation, and relentless preparation before trial. We provide our fellow New Yorkers the same high level of services in Spanish and English. You don’t have to suffer alone and in silence for even one more day.

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Our Dedicated New York Employment Attorneys Have a Proven Track Record You Can Trust

Our New York employment lawyers have won numerous multi-million verdicts for our clients. However, we don’t just take on the big cases. We will give your case the same level of attention no matter how big or small your case is. The following are a few examples of our outstanding case results:

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We are proud of our five-star Google rating, not because of the number, but because of the satisfied clients it represents. We treat all our clients like family, and they regularly stay in touch with us long after their cases are resolved. We regularly receive unsolicited client testimonials such as the following:

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If you have experienced discrimination, harassment, inadequate pay, or other mistreatment by your employer, you may feel trapped. However, you may have options. Our passionate New York City employment lawyers are ready to stand with you and fight back. You deserve a positive work environment with fair pay for your hard work. You shouldn’t have to put up with abuse and poor treatment in exchange for making a living.

Don’t be afraid to contact us. Our NYC employment attorneys will meet with you for free and help you explore your options. You will have no obligation to continue, and your meeting will be confidential.

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