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Every day, millions of employees working in New York are cheated out of money and not paid their legal wages. Under both state and federal laws, every employee must be paid for all of their earned wages. No exceptions. Working with an experienced New York City wage & hour claim lawyer can help you to obtain lost wages and hours from your employer.

There are many different ways your employer might be stealing from you, including:

  • Not paying you overtime
  • Paying you less than minimum wage
  • Asking you to work off the clock
  • Shaving or manipulating your hours
  • Stealing your tips
  • Falsely misclassifying you as an “independent contractor”
  • Failing to provide you wage notices or accurate paystubs

If you have experienced any of these violations, you may be entitled to collect double the amount your employer owes you! Speak with a New York City wage & hour claim lawyer today to discuss your legal options.

How To File a Wage & Hour Claim Against An NYC Employer

Many forms of harassment and discrimination can lead to a wage and hour claim. An employee can report any form of discrimination he or she witnesses, including actions against someone for disability, age, race, national origin, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. If you’ve been the victim of workplace harassment, common advice is to issue a formal complaint internally with the department at your company responsible for these issues. However, if this results in retaliation, you have another problem on your hands.

As an employee in New York City, you don’t have to suffer from wage or hour reductions because you reported illegal activity. Wrongful termination can ruin your career and place you and your family in financial hardship. A shift change may not matter to some employees, but it can be devastating for a single mother or father with children at home. No matter what your wage or hour reduction looks like, if you believe it was the result of a sexual harassment complaint, contact a New York City labor lawyer to file a claim.

Hire a Passionate New York City Wage and Hour Lawyer

Our firm isn’t afraid to take a case to trial. We know how to leverage evidence of retaliation and wage/hour reductions to make your case compelling to a jury. An NYC wage & hour claim lawyer at Joseph & Norinsberg LLC is passionate about seeking justice for unpaid wages, overtime claims, and other employment law issues in the workplace and know what it takes to win a settlement in and out of court. To hear an honest and fair assessment of your case, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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Our NY Employment Law Case Results

A lawsuit proved employer misappropriation of tips. Court awarded employees unpaid tips, damages, fees after bench trial.


Wage and hour settlement on behalf of residential superintendents.


After getting the defendant to agree to mediation, settled for a class of construction workers who were not paid their overtime properly.

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