Caitlin Duffy

Senior Litigation Counsel

Caitlin Duffy joined Joseph & Norinsberg in 2023 as its Senior Litigation Counsel concentrating on employment discrimination and wage and hour cases. Caitlin has litigated cases on behalf of individual employees discriminated against because of their race, age, religion, national origin, physical and mental disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Caitlin has also litigated class and collective actions on behalf of hundreds of employees, some of whom worked in restaurants, retail, and construction.

Some of Caitlin’s previous clients include: older employers who were denied promotions in favor of younger employees; pregnant women terminated months before their babies were due; employees subjected to a hostile work environment because of their national origin; women sexually harassed by their supervisors and colleagues; transgender and gender non-conforming employees harassed because of their gender expression and subsequently fired; employees living with a chronic illness who were terminated as soon as an accommodation for their disability was needed; tipped employees whose tips were misappropriated by their employers; assistant managers who were misclassified as exempt by their employers in order to avoid paying them overtime; landscapers who were paid a day rate for their labor and denied overtime pay; and construction workers who were not paid overtime for all of the hours that they worked, both on and “off the clock”.

Prior to joining the firm, Caitlin worked for plaintiffs’ rights firms focusing on class and collective, wage and hour, and discrimination matters. Caitlin is admitted to practice in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey, the federal district courts for the District of Massachusetts; the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Districts of New York; and the District of New Jersey, as well as the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  Caitlin received a Juris Doctorate from Brooklyn Law School in 2007 and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from Hunter College in 2004, magna cum laude.