Senior Paralegal

Karina Sigalovskaya started her career as a Paralegal after arriving in the United States as a teenager, having studied the ethics of law in Kiev, Ukraine.  She then pursued her Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies in New York.  Karina’s rigorous training cultivated within her a dual legal and cultural perspective, through which she gained 26 years of paralegal experience working at various law firms in Civil Rights Litigation, Police Brutality, Malicious Prosecution, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Employment Law and Intellectual Property Law.

She has been at the firm for many years, currently as Senior Paralegal, working diligently to provide clients with a good experience at what is often a stressful time in their lives.  As Karina states, “I always try to look beyond the client to connect with the person.  Using my role as attorney-client liaison to help navigate the complexities of a legal situation can lead not only to learning but to personal growth, which I enjoy being a part of”.

Fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, Karina has served as an interpreter in a variety of professional settings, including working with many clients in her current position.  She’s an accomplished pianist and singer since childhood and also made time to pursue her passion for fashion design at Vocational College in Kiev, Ukraine.