The Impact of Employment Law

Posted in Miscellaneous on August 19, 2016

Employment Law HandbooksEmployment law affects every aspect of the workplace. It determines your rights regarding hiring, wage and benefits, discrimination, family and medical leave, termination, and more. It is important that you know employment law, and how it affects you in the workplace. You have numerous employment rights and employment law enforces your protections. A well-versed employment law attorney is your best friend when you need an advocate to defend your rights in the workplace. Employment law guarantees a fair and safe workplace environment for companies and their employees. Often employees do not fully understand or realize the statutes and regulations outlined in employment law.

Employment Law at a Glance

Employment law is involved in the hiring process during an interview. It keeps interviewers from asking discriminatory questions. It explains the differences between being labeled an employee or contractor to a firm.

Employment law plays a significant role in firings and job losses. The law gives you certain protections during layoffs, terminations, and other issues affecting the unemployed. Employment law outlines unemployment insurance, severance pay, and other job-separation concerns.

Employment law covers federal and state laws regarding wages, benefits, and fair pay to employees. These laws determine which workers are eligible to receive overtime pay for working extended hours. When employers fail to comply, employment laws are in place to give employees their rights and protections.

Employment Law has mandates that prohibit discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Discrimination can come in all types of forms. Discrimination rights are protected under Tittle VII Rights Act of 1964.  It is against the law for any employer or boss to discriminate against someone because of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or national origin. There are laws in place to ensure equal employment opportunities for all individuals.

There are laws covering Family and Medical leave for some employees. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) offers unpaid leave for certain employees who are covered by the federal law. FMLA applies to employers with at least 50 employees. The law varies by state. In New York, laws have recently changed to allow paid-family-leave for the majority of workers in the state.

Workers have a right to a work environment that is safe and free of health and safety threats or violations. The federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulates and enforces safety and health standards for the nation’s workforce. When an employee is hurt on the job, the company is usually responsible for medical costs and other expenses associated with the injury. Companies can face fines when they do not comply with safety standards outlined by OSHA.

Employment laws are in place to protect employees who report illegal activities or violations involving their employers. These laws protect employees against retaliation and other hostile workplace environments that may develop due to whistleblowing.

It is vital for employees and employers to become familiar with employment laws and how they impact, improve, and influence the workplace. There are laws to protect employees from abuses in the workplace. It is important for companies and employees to consult with a qualified employment law attorney who can explain these laws in greater detail.

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